I am a real storyteller. Originally a cartoonist for Suske & Wiske magazine, Eppo and Zone 5300 and illustrator of numerous school books. With me you bring in someone with an enormous wealth of experience. More about that in a short overview from comiclopedia Lambiek:

Jeroen Steehouwer began his comics career in Sjors en Sjimmie magazine with series like ‘Fanteasy’ (scripts by Fred Julsing, 1987-88) and ‘Roy Bellevue’ (scripts by Hanco Kolk, 1989). In 1990, he was the co-founder of Funny Farm, the comics studio that published the magazine Razzafrazz. For this magazine, Steehouwer made several independent stories, including ‘Ereschuld’, with a script by M. Daalder and P. van Dongen.

Pelle by Jeroen Steehouwer


Steehouwer ran his own Hildebrand Studio, through which he has self-published Hildebrand Comix. He has illustrated stories with ‘Winnie the Pooh’ and ‘Little Hiawatha’ for the Dutch Disneyproduction in the early 1990s, and in 1994, he started his gag strip ‘Katja’ in Suske en Wiske Weekblad. For that same magazine, he made the adventure series ‘Pelle’ with Frans Leenheer and scriptwriter Willem Ritstier between 1998 and 2001.

comic art by Jeroen Steehouwer


In 1995-97, Steehouwer made his first autobiographical comics for Zone 5300. He subsequently created the longer story ‘WOK’ in 1997-1998, as well as a series of stories based on the work of Leo Tolstoj, called ‘Waarvan Leeft De Mens’. In 2006, the first album of his comics autobiography, called ‘De Uitweg – Jeugdjaren’, was published by Syndikaat. It was also one of the first comics to be published in the ePub format. Steehouwer is also active in the advertising field. He has done illustrations for publishers like Malmberg and Wolters Noordhoff and has created the gag strip ‘Ad Nobel’ for Center Nieuws, the internal magazine of Akzo Nobel.

Waarvan leeft de mens by Jeroen Steehouwer

‘Waarvan Leeft De Mens’.

He worked with Frans Leenheer on a variety of commercial projects through their Rotterdam-based Studio Steehouwer & Leenheer. The duo also works on comics like ‘Hilary King’ (script by Ger Apeldoorn) and ‘Veertigers’ (script by Frans Hasselaar) for Eppo since 2012, as well as new stories with Disney characters for Donald Duck from 2014. The duo has also developed the webcomic ‘Puppy’ in 2012.











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